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Yes Virginia, there are nice people still out there...

Just thought we would leave you with a good news story to start your week. We went out for our coffee/walk to a local shop in Mississauga, Ontario Canada, which we had researched for potential inclusion on our "Friendly List". When we approached we noticed the all too familiar propaganda on the door, but walked in maskless anyway. The owner was wearing a mask so we were not sure what the story was. We started telling them how we came about their store and eventually the owner dropped the mask and was comfortable with us. She, like others that we have come across said that they had to be careful that we were not from some agency or simply an informant looking to make trouble.

As we placed our order we exchanged stories of hardships, separation/discrimination and the on-going anxiety caused by this craziness. We encouraged the owner to stay strong and re-assured them that there are good people still out there and that our fight is a good one. We exchanged emails and left by actually shaking hands and promising to stay in touch. We have included the business on our members only Friendly Places page and we will be going back again soon.

We protect these place because we know that too much attention can have the adverse effect on these businesses. We treat them like the speakeasy's of the 1920's during prohibition. If you know of any place or service that does not discriminate, we invite you to submit them to us on the attached form and we will review your suggestion. Please leave us comments as to why we should include them.

Take Care.

Your Admins. xoxo

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