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Apologies and an Explanation

I would like to start by apologizing for an email that was sent to current registered members where the list was not hidden from other users.

This was not acceptable and was not done with malice, only haste...The list was copied into the wrong box (To vs BCC). This was done while prepping the new platform and was sent before a review was done. Literally too many clicks and one too many.

The system only allows 500 addresses at a time and it was sent out in 3 batches. There was no other information shared.

Your exposure can be mitigated by :

  1. Reporting any unwanted mail from other members to us and we will follow up

  2. Blocking emails from these users

  3. Asking to be removed from our site

Again we are not hiding from our mistake but do want to reassure our members that there was no intentional harm in this mishap and that we are only here to help and reassure you that personal data was not shared (addresses, phone, CC Numbers).

We are only trying to make things better. You can go to our web page and under the community side hit join us to try out the new community platform. It is still private until all the kinks and settings are worked out.

Let he without sin cast the first stone.

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