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Separation is the Solution

It's been a while since our last entry and I apologize to those who have commented and wondered if we are still here and even interested. So much has happened and keeps happening that it can be tough to take time for yourself and ponder where this (one's life) is all going.

I love History and what it teaches us about Human Behaviour and Nature. Those that study history know that observation is the greatest tool at our disposal. Recording history is the easy part, but questioning the perspective through which it is presented is where the truth lies. Only through research via multiple sources can we derive the most accurate and factual version of history. Nothing could bring this very point to the forefront like what has and is happening today regarding the Globalist Satanic Agenda let loose in 2020.

If history only recorded the MSM version of the last 3 years, you would think humanity was better off for mandating testing, masking, lockdowns, confinement, prosecution, vaccines and segregation. It's only through separate and multiple sources that we have learned the reality of the horrors those "that seek to unite us" have put us through.

Many times over the last 3 years we have seen messaging from Global organizations (WHO, WEF, UN, EU) and Governments seeking to bring us together and unite us for the common good to solve Global problems. Why the drive for uniformity of thought and action on multiple fronts? Simple, it degrades one of the most powerful survival tools humanity and the natural world has at its disposal. Separation

Separation is the ability to take a different path. To be different to be unique.

Humanities and Natures ability to survive plagues, famine, drought and extreme weather comes down to making different choices that often involves separating from the tribe/herd to ensure survival.

Having a choice is having a future.

Independent thought and freedom to make different decisions from the crowd has come under attack in the last century and intensified over the last 3 years. Uniformity is the enemy of independence and freedom. The attacks come in the form of convenience, equality, comfort, and safety. Their common goal is Control. Once you allow yourself to be controlled you are part of the collective and part of the problem.

I have been studying Marcus Aurelius and Stoicism and come to admire Ryan Holiday's take on it. "The obstacle is the way" summarizes this entry and our path forward. We have chosen to be different, either by nature, religion, intellect or experience. We must embrace our separation for it made us who we are today. We are part of a bigger plan and only playing our role. We are fighting for a life many admire but few understand.

Separation is essential for survival.

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