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Where we stand 12/05/2022

Last week saw the biggest Jump in registered users to 600 and an additional 50 subscribers to our paid plans. We are analyzing that data and it appears there is a strong correlation to our increased advertising in the U.S market, plus additional transplants from the still down site

We have a great new chat group in Denver, Colorado, with a great Leader out there who would love to connect with others. Florida (one of our primary markets in the US) also has a chat group now and a leader who is intent on growing and promoting events. If you are on the community app look them up under "groups". For those who are not on the App, the best way to access it is via our site under the members drop-down area when logged in.

Speaking of events, we had a blast this past Saturday here in Galway. Link attached.

If any members or groups want to promote their events, please contact the admin team and discuss your ideas.

We are also in contact with a group in New Zealand that is getting organized and hopefully will use our platform. As mentioned previously, we started advertising in Israel, and have just started to receive some traffic.

To Do List

We are working on a few improvements that we think everyone will like, but before we announce them we want to test, test and do more tests. Please be patient as we try to balance functionality, security and budget. We are not Match/Tinder/OK Cupid with multi-million dollar IT budgets. We are a team of 2 and to say we are experiencing growing pains is an understatement.

We promise honest communication, fair and ethical treatment of all our members and inclusion of all like-minded members regardless of race, orientation and religion.

Thank you again for your trust.

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