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They are coming for you, Yes You too

This past week we have seen news articles around the UN and EU adoption of a worldwide vaccine or "health" passport, despite countless protests and backlash against privacy and control concerns. Couple this with the march by many countries (Canada, UK, and EU) to Central Bank Digital Currencies and you can see where all this is heading.

The great Covid test was failed by an estimated 80-85% of western populations, which provided the groundwork and funding for the development of these mechanisms. It provided real time data on the movement and activities of the uneducated masses. As someone once said, "you can't comply your way out of tyranny" and no truer words can be said for what's about to come down the pipe.

Ways in which they will get you: yes even the vaccinated

  • The health passports will be used to restrict your access to travel, medical care and movement based on an ever changing metric of "requirements". This could mean annual boosters or new vaccines that will impact everyone and not just the original gullible masses.

If you think this is far fetched or won't ever happen, consider what just happened in Canada. The Supreme Court of Canada dismissed an appeal based on bodily autonomy to a women who needed a heart transplant. This precedent condemned 6million+ people to never being able to receive critical surgeries and dying.

  • So called hate speech and misinformation laws with broad or lose definitions will be used to silence counter narratives on Education, Immigration and Gender ideology.

Now In the UK you can get arrested for silently praying outside an abortion clinic.

  • Climate Agenda's will be used to force you to "upgrade" or face eviction from your dwelling or deny your mortgage. It will also be used and is being used to control what you drive, how you work (Farmers), what you eat, and how you travel.

  • Finally, CBDC will be the link that binds all these together and will be used as the de-facto cattle prod to police all the above. This has already taken place in Canada where 9million in donations were seized to the Freedom Convoy, and bank accounts of those that participated were frozen.

Even today people in Canada and Ireland report that they have been de-banked based on their social media presence and political views.

If you look back on previous entries (Living in a time of Evil, No one's coming to help you) you can see the progression of our message. Be prepared, take action to ensure you and your family can survive what is coming, educate others who are willing to listen and don't bother with the rest. Time is too precious.

It will get worse, just like childbirth, where the contractions come faster and more painful, but in the end it will be worth it as a new freer society will emerge.

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