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The Cream always rises

This site is definitely not for everyone. It was never designed to be all things to all people. The purpose or vision was always to be a meeting point and a gateway to meet people, discuss issues, conduct social events and support each other by coming together under a common set of beliefs.

I think since it's inception we've managed to accomplish this on a shoestring budget. This past weekend, we had another wonderful night out with 6 people, who enjoyed food, music and witty banter. Our first coffee meet ups were also fun, even though there were only one or two people in attendance. In Business like in life, you come to realize that your best customers, your best friends, people that can be trusted, are part of the small minority. This group can be compared to the elite operating units (SEALS, SAS), the Hell's Angel's 1% or in our analogy the cream of the crop. I don't get frustrated or upset at poor attendance, no shows or commitment phobic people because I'd rather spend more quality time with those that really do care and want to be present at whatever the event, occasion, meeting etc. Our little social group here in the GTA has become closer and our goal is to develop regional groups to cover a broader geography. If you would like help spreading the word contact me for some options and strategies. We are not looking for quantity, but quality.. We need the cream of the crop.

Some updates and quick facts. 12/13/21