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Our first Virtual Speed Dating Event is launched

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

Based on current geographic demand, we have initiated our first of many virtual speed dating events. Ontario Canada currently has the most members, with British Columbia showing promise. We advertise in Canada, Florida, the N.W of England and Ireland.

You can join via our pay per use Meetup group ($5/event) or as a paid member of Unveed. If you are a paid member, please RSVP on the events page.

We will be trialing the latest social networking software Twine. The room will automatically assign users to tables for 5min dates. There will also be icebreaker questions for those that need a little extra help. After your date you will be asked to rate your encounter. You can share emails via a button as well during the date.

Meet like minded individuals, and have fun..who knows who you'll meet and connect with.

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