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Living in a time of Evil-The enslavement of Humanity

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

How can any rational person explain the global reaction to an illness that has a survival rate of 99%? You can't. The coordinated efforts and timelines have been too coincidental and the destruction of civil liberties and freedoms were it's victims. As a student of history one can look back and see similar periods of mass psychosis. The Rwanda Massacre, the Bosnian war, the Holocaust, the Spanish Inquisition to name a few. All these events were able to take place because populations were convinced they were doing the "right thing", that it was to better society and that it was up to everyone to do their part. Sound familiar?

The current situation can be linked to a coordination of distinctly placed individuals in Business, Government and Health Institutions like the WHO. The obvious lack of descent or opposition to any narrative other than the official narrative cannot be found in any of these institutions. That is by design. (See our video on Freemasonry) Opposition parties are not opposing anything, medical and scientific questioning has been censored despite overwhelming evidence on numerous fronts to the lack of effectiveness, severe side effects, deaths and unknown long-term illnesses.