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Living in a time of Evil-The enslavement of Humanity

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

How can any rational person explain the global reaction to an illness that has a survival rate of 99%? You can't. The coordinated efforts and timelines have been too coincidental and the destruction of civil liberties and freedoms were it's victims. As a student of history one can look back and see similar periods of mass psychosis. The Rwanda Massacre, the Bosnian war, the Holocaust, the Spanish Inquisition to name a few. All these events were able to take place because populations were convinced they were doing the "right thing", that it was to better society and that it was up to everyone to do their part. Sound familiar?

The current situation can be linked to a coordination of distinctly placed individuals in Business, Government and Health Institutions like the WHO. The obvious lack of descent or opposition to any narrative other than the official narrative cannot be found in any of these institutions. That is by design. (See our video on Freemasonry) Opposition parties are not opposing anything, medical and scientific questioning has been censored despite overwhelming evidence on numerous fronts to the lack of effectiveness, severe side effects, deaths and unknown long-term illnesses.

When Evil presents itself and grabs hold of its victims, you can rarely reverse its course. The numerous examples of people in ICU's or dropping like flies who still support the narrative is a prime example. See attached clip of sudden deaths in recent months CLIP . Individuals who have been strong enough to resist and inspire others or their families have been the chosen ones all along. We must be the example.

So how do we shine our light in this time of evil?

  1. Masks are symbol of obedience. Do not wear your mask outside or in your car. Initially we fought and claimed exemption status everywhere we went, but that only worked until the psychosis and evil got stronger. The constant arguing got too much and affected us to the point of depression. We were playing into their hands. Instead take walks with your friends in public, wear your mask below your nose and chin in grocery stores and retail outlets. The looks will still be there, but you must be the example of strength and normality.

  2. Shake people's hands or hug them. Human touch and interaction represents love and compassion that these individuals are trying do away with. I will never forget the reaction I got after shaking someone's hand recently in a store. She said that felt so good and "normal". We are not lepers. No one is.

  3. Do not give your business or time to those who would segregate or marginalize you. Starve the beast. Don't believe how these passports are saving businesses, they are hurting make no bones about it. The latest James Bond movie is out to rent because no one wants to sit in a theatre with a mask.

  4. Do not download any QR app to check in anywhere or use a QR code to scan a menu. This is a form of slavery. Full stop. The leaked virus was the catalyst to roll out the vaccine program. If you are religious you will know that this is the Mark of the Beast. Do not think that this is only the precursor. This is the main show. The vaccine passport is a digital noose that will be used to enslave you to evil.

  5. Congregate and be with like-minded people to nourish your soul, strengthen your resolve and feed your humanity. We cannot do this alone. We need each other for support and for sanity. Many communities survived dark periods in history by developing close knit connections and keeping their most precious traditions alive. We can do that now. We've been at this for almost two years and despite all the recent revelations, studies, falsified trials nothing has changed.

We must and will survive. We cannot count on others, but instead must be our own light in this time of darkness, this time of Evil. Do not comply. Hold the line.

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