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How Trust has Died

Over the past 19months now, what we have come to rely on, cherish, and believe in, has all been destroyed under the guise of "Safety". If you have watched parts of the video covering the Freemason's on this site you know what's at stake. They have used Covid as a weapon to not only control our lives but our souls as well. There can be no other explanation as to why all these institutions have turned their backs on humanity.

Figureheads, Politicians, Entertainers and Business leaders have all been corrupted by this evil society and it's idol. All we can do is maintain our own moral compass, keep our faith (not the same as religion) and know that this has all been foretold and needed to happen. We will come out of this and be redeemed for our steadfast devotion to God, how we respected the Sanctity of Life, and how we fought for Freedom over Tyranny.

The death of Trust in:

  • The Catholic/Christian Church - as it stood by and allowed it's own members not to worship, promoted the vaccine which has ingredients that would defy the very core values of it's faith

  • Government - as they rob all freedom's and rights from their people, imprison them, penalize them, and restrict their movements with no regard for upholding the very laws that were written to prevent this.

  • Police and Security Forces - whose soul purpose is to protect and defend it's own citizens, have now been turned against them with "orders" replacing laws and common sense.

  • Educators - who actively promote unhealthy agenda's, discrimination and fear of the most vulnerable in our society, our children.

  • Medical Professionals - who despite mounting evidence continue to adhere to the narrative of death and fear of something that for 99% of us will be fine. They also have failed to uphold their Hippocratic Oath in a time of most need.

  • Business Leaders - who as employers and guardians of employment rights, actively choose to ignore these and openly segregate their staff and deprive them of employment unless they adhere to belief's which are not theirs.

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