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Finally, Our Unvaccinated App is up....

It's been quite a journey and a learning experience to say the least. If you have read previous posts on our first failed attempt, you'll know what happened. After arriving from Canada we looked up a local Galway Based Developer that I can't say enough about. They are professional and don't mess about and sell you promises. They gave us a 3-4 week window and it was met.

We are now just tidying up some password issues and reminding current members to fill out their new bios. New members will have it easier as there will be no migration issues.

A few key points on our app:

  • We did not list it on Play Store or App Store to avoid censorship and problems

  • Members once in can "Add to Home Screen" or "Bookmark" to their phone as a link to enable quick reference.

  • Hot or Not feature or "swiping" active and feature found under member profile

  • Filters installed for searches

  • upload videos and pics up to 25MB

  • Friend requests

  • Match/chat features

Once we get the last few issues resolved we will re-market and advertise on Ad Words for maximum exposure.

We currently serve North America (Canada/Florida/Texas), Ireland, UK but already have members from India, Netherlands, and interest from Japan.

Please have quick read of the initial article posted in Gript Media about our efforts for some context.

Thank you all for your patience, remember, we are special.

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