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Dinner with Friends

Just some good news to start the week again. Happy to report we had our first social event this past Saturday. We met some lovely people and enjoyed a lovely dinner in a normal environment with no masks or health interrogation necessary. Place started to pack in about 8:30pm, without a free table in the house thereafter. We will return in the future. For those who have purchased a membership plan, you will see the new addition on our Friendly Places page.

During the conversation with our new friends, I mentioned the reasoning behind the paywall and the necessity to have a mobile app and separate reservation system. My IT background has taught me that all-in-one solutions unless heavily encrypted, are vulnerable to attack and counter surveillance by less than friendly people. Those of you who have not accepted the invite to our mobile app should do so to enjoy greater contact with the community.

We have also started to weed out registered but inactive site members who do not have a paid membership, as this can also lead to counter productive behavior. Again, if my past has taught me anything, it's that you can never be too careful.

When you're trying to change the world you must also realize what kind of world you are living in.

Take care of each other.


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