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Are you like "Most People"

The following barrage of Truth Bombs was acquired over the first 35 years on this planet and once I learned and accepted the first one, my life changed forever.

  1. Most people in positions of authority don't know what they are doing Most high ranking Government officials and Corporate Leaders find themselves in these positions because of who they know-not what they know.

  2. Most people are not intelligent People can be educated, but it's not the same as intelligence or "street smarts"

  3. Most people are lazy. People will always want to do the very least to just get by

  4. Most people are selfish or self-centered. WIIFM (what's in it for me) mentality, with no concern for the bigger picture or for those that might be affected by their actions.

  5. Most people are not honest. I'm not talking about small lies we all tell from time to time, instead its how one lives or portrays themselves in public. As an Accountant I have had to deal with the financial realities of individuals and compa