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A busy few weeks...

I wanted to start by thanking the 30+members of the site for their support. I hope to see more of you virtually or in person in the near future. As you know by now we have started the cycle of restrictions, lockdowns and the next round of vaccinations just in time for Christmas of course. If you have not already skimmed through our video on Freemasonry I would encourage you to do so to familiarize yourself with the players around the world. We only have about half of our members on our mobile app, so I would encourage you to request the link and install. It does make it easier to interact with everyone else.

A lot has happened since my last update (12/13/21), so I wanted to bring everyone up to speed and share some of our plans for 2022. Here is a brief list and summary of what took place in the last 2 weeks or so, and what we are working on.

  • We had another in-person social event with 6 members after a last minute change of venues...

  • We have started to verify members for future events during our on-line townhalls

  • A job board is feasible and we are actively looking at how to attract employers

  • Google has targeted our site for increased "verification" in order to allow our ads to run

  • We will start working on the dating element to our site, pending Google ads review

  • We are seeking Beta testers for the dating site, so please volunteer if you would like to be one (nudge, nudge, wink, wink)

  • Our Forum has taken off thanks to our latest enthusiastic member who shall remain nameless :)

  • We are looking at investing in more videos to be used in promotions and for help with our site.

Finally, it's been another hard year, we all have gone through so much. I hope we have made some difference here to some of you and our only wish is to grow our community both locally and internationally. We all need each other more than ever.

In closing, please say a prayer, meditate or send some positive vides to a member's mother who was recently admitted to hospital in Toronto, (non-covid related) and will spend Christmas there. She is a great supporter of this site and we wish her mother the best.

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Miembro desconocido
22 dic 2021

Hello everyone, in reply to the meetings either online or in person. I tried the other Sunday to get on but I have bad internet, the wind storm the other day could have moved it. It is not great internet because I really don't even want the internet but must to live out here in the country. I am sorry if I cannot reply. Unless people come up here I will not be going anywhere basically beyond my small circle of places to go to. I am a survivor of many things and I can see where this is going and I have done everything in my power to mitigate it's affect on me.

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