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Where we stand. 01/18/22

As I write this we are fast approaching 60+members. The breakdown is as follows:

  • 30+on our private mobile app

  • 20 more not on the app (desktop only)

  • 10 Registered and waiting for the Dating function to start

This brings me to the main reason for writing this entry. Many new and potential members have asked us about security, so I think it's a good time to review how we screen and maintain integrity on our site.

I would never share details with the public of exactly how we screen and protect members, but I can and will gloss over the basic layers.

  1. The paywall is our first line of defense. Our system encrypts sensitive data which can be accessed by law enforcement should the need ever arise. Other details that consumers normally provide when shopping on line are stored and can be referenced by Admins should it be necessary. This eliminates 95% of issues. No Paypal, No Funds Transfers.

  2. Based on your profile and activity you are granted temporary access to our Mobile App and our protected areas. This will eventually include the dating component of the site should you choose to use it. Activity is monitored by our software that flags suspicious activity or repeated activity beyond parameters and keywords that are flagged. Admins usually intervene before any member notices. If issues arise, warnings or removals are carried out.

  3. Member contact and reporting. Any member can contact Admin regarding safety concerns. We act extremely quickly should our software not catch the violation first.

  4. The final and most hands on approach is personal verification. Many dating sites use pictures and AI to confirm profile pictures match uploaded pictures. We take it up a notch based on early experience. Members are assigned badges, based on plan purchased, however, the most important badge is earned. The "Verified" badge is attained only by meeting in person with Admins, or virtually in a weekly townhall. This allows screening via personal and group contact. If anyone has any concerns they usually contact me after the Zoom meeting.

Only verified members are given information on in-person events, and more importantly, as we role out the Dating function, it provides transparency as to the identity of the member.

This site was designed to build a community of like-minded people. It provides a platform to connect with and socialize amongst fellow members. The dating element is a natural add-on for those wishing to use it responsibly. That's why our screen is divided on the sites main page.

Finally, we have got traction in Ontario so we have expanded our ads into New Brunswick and Alberta as of today.

Take Care.

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Unknown member
Jan 18, 2022

Good to know, Rick, thanks for the update.

Maybe a code of conduct for members to sign off on, to clarify rules of engagement, expectations, etc. Seems like a civilized space so far, would like to see more interaction on the forum, though if privacy is a concern, I understand why it's quiet in there.

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