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What I fear most now, is healthcare

Ever since this evil descended into our lives, I knew it would not go away. The coordinated Global effort and widespread propaganda would forever enshrine people into two classes. The vaccinated and the unvaccinated. I could go into biblical text, but I've already written and posted videos on this angle so I won't repeat myself. Out of desperation, isolation and sheer desire to connect with others who could see what was happening, we created this community and it's two apps. One of the first questions I got was, "what happens when it all goes back to normal?" I told my critics that this was going to be permanent.

Thanks to others like us (Truckers, Freedom Fighters, Rebel News, Maxime Bernier, Eva Vlaar, Christine Anderson, Sanity4Sweeden, and many more) we pushed back enough to relinquish many of the mandates and controls that were put upon us for over 2years. Right now life has the appearance of normality, but if you scratch the surface it is actually ramping up on other fronts, such as the NetZero societal suicide agenda. This agenda is the most evil tool that is being used to destroy society and western democracy today. It is the trojan horse that will be used to usher in complete control and obedience to the Green God. The only positive about this agenda is that it is out on the battlefield in plain sight. It is easy to attack and fight because it is impacting so many right now with the self-imposed sanctions and cost of living crisis.