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What I fear most now, is healthcare

Ever since this evil descended into our lives, I knew it would not go away. The coordinated Global effort and widespread propaganda would forever enshrine people into two classes. The vaccinated and the unvaccinated. I could go into biblical text, but I've already written and posted videos on this angle so I won't repeat myself. Out of desperation, isolation and sheer desire to connect with others who could see what was happening, we created this community and it's two apps. One of the first questions I got was, "what happens when it all goes back to normal?" I told my critics that this was going to be permanent.

Thanks to others like us (Truckers, Freedom Fighters, Rebel News, Maxime Bernier, Eva Vlaar, Christine Anderson, Sanity4Sweeden, and many more) we pushed back enough to relinquish many of the mandates and controls that were put upon us for over 2years. Right now life has the appearance of normality, but if you scratch the surface it is actually ramping up on other fronts, such as the NetZero societal suicide agenda. This agenda is the most evil tool that is being used to destroy society and western democracy today. It is the trojan horse that will be used to usher in complete control and obedience to the Green God. The only positive about this agenda is that it is out on the battlefield in plain sight. It is easy to attack and fight because it is impacting so many right now with the self-imposed sanctions and cost of living crisis.

Yes I worry about this, but there are much smaller enemies and battles that have me concerned that lie ahead.

What I fear now is getting sick. I was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer just before this madness started in January 2020. I was able to be seen and operated on by a great surgeon who removed all signs of it 3 years on. This was before the vaccines were available and so I didn't put much thought into surgery or possible outcomes at that point, thankfully.

Today, one month after having received an elevated PSA test and waiting on the results from my prostate MRI, my thoughts are different. As most of you know, healthcare remains the battleground for the unvaccinated. Several countries like Canada, Australia, New Zealand have severe restrictions on procedures and more importantly blood supplies that may be needed in emergencies. Any major surgery could require blood transfusion which is the line in the sand for those of us who remain unvaccinated. We have already heard of children being forced to take blood from vaccinated donors, some having immediate side effects already. Other examples include people that can't get life saving transplants because they are unvaccinated so they will probably die. This is evil plain and simple.

What do we do? The answer is not some blood bank in Switzerland, because regulations that govern this are often down to the Hospital, Surgeon or Provincial and State Authorities. We escaped Canada because it descended into a fascist state and the Ministry's of Health in each province have not allowed personal donations or life saving surgeries. In the U.S you can bank your own blood in several Hospitals, In Europe they promote the public supply, but we have found several articles that say GP's and Surgeons can take the patients preferences into account. So it's a matter of working with and finding the best options. In Ireland there is precedence with how the HSE deals with faith based preferences of Jehovah's Witnesses, see attached link

This by no means is a definitive source for your decision making. Every situation, location and circumstance varies. Most of us already know that when it comes to life changing decisions, we need to do lots of homework, question everything and fight to ensure our personal choices are upheld, especially when it comes to healthcare in 2023 and beyond.

This is a scary time for anyone like me facing the potential of going in for procedures. Who would have thought our enemies would be our so called "care givers" This world is truly upside down.

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Mar 07, 2023

Yeah, it’s definitely Sickcare, not Healthcare. Most physical ailments can be healed without pharmakeia. Some is spiritual, or generational (what the world calls hereditary). All healing in Jesus’s name🙏🏻💕


Mar 06, 2023

Rick! Sorry you have to go through this.

❤️ " Who would have thought our enemies would be our so called "care givers" This world is truly upside down "


Sorry to read this. We wish you good test results and a speedy recovery.

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