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We choose Ethical, Organic growth, thanks

Now that our dating app is up and running, and we've fixed the few glitches that were remaining, I wanted to bring up a recuring question about our site and why it will remain a paid site.

We have roughly 377 registered members on the site (08/11/22) but only 137 users on the dating app of which 75 or so have active profiles with pictures. We do have members from Canada, Ireland, the U.S, UK, and two from Australia and it keeps growing. We only started the dating app at the end of October 2022 and are continuing to advertise in those markets. You'll notice a 200+discrepency between members and dating members. There are two reasons for that.

1. A small percentage (10%) prefer to stay on the community app and chat that way.

2. People don't want to pay for the membership.