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The way forward...

So much has happened over the last 3 weeks its hard to keep up at this point. We had our spirits lifted with the Freedom Convoy only to be hit with the Emergency Measures Act (formerly war measures). Once Trudeau knew the Senate would not pass the motion he called it off. Even though the trucks have left, the convoy brought us victories in ending vaccine mandates in Saskatchewan, Alberta, MB and Quebec and PEI. Masks are coming off in Alberta and Saskatchewan, Quebec after March break and Ontario plans are still up in the air as usual with the Ford Government. Many businesses may choose to keep these, however I am certain they will eventually turn once their neighbor's stores are full. Many will continue to wear the mask because of the fear campaign waged over the last two years.

"Let's be clear", "Read my Lips", we are not free yet, and we have a long road ahead despite the rest of the world starting to move on. Our fundamental right of movement as an unvaccinated and intelligent people has not been restored yet. Why? because just like what happened with the Banks and cash pouring out overseas, a mass exodus will take place once the shackles are taken off. Who can trust that it wont happen again? That's what they are afraid of. Make no bones about it. The Banks forced Trudeau's hand more than the Senators ever could. The pressure on tourist and leisure industries not seeing any overseas bookings will hopefully force the Governments hands eventually. Canada's reputation has been broken as a free and safe haven country. It will take decades to repair.