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The start of Chapter 2

This past weekend we had our last Canadian Hosted Zoom conference which outlined our plans now that the Admins are leaving Canada.

Summary points for those unpaid members:

  • We affirmed our continued support to grow the community well into the future as we are all well aware of the ongoing efforts by Governments to control our lives in one way or another.

  • We were grateful of the connections and friends we made both in-person and virtually, and members agreed their was continued value in coming together to share ideas, experiences and thoughts.

  • All members present understood this move was always going to happen as we, like others, assessed our situation and determined staying in Canada was no longer an option

  • We encouraged members to evaluate their own plans and financial situation and provided insights on moving (from a logistical perspective) and investment advice (converting 50% to Cash and Fixed income, and having offshore accounts).