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The Road to Redemption and Digital Prisons

Although we have some of our freedoms back, the most important right besides the rights to free speech and bodily autonomy is our right to travel. New Zealand has finally come around to allowing travel without the vaccine requirement. This leaves Australia (cannot enter but can leave) the U.S (Cannot Enter unless U.S Citizen/can leave) and Canada (Cannot leave, but can return) as holdouts. I am encouraged that the PM keeps getting roasted by Europeans on his track record while trying to promote democracy. The man has no self-awareness or just doesn't care what others think of him let alone his own spouse who is MIA for the past 3-4 months.

Teresa Tam has basically given indications on recommending vaccines rather than requiring them despite overwhelming evidence of negative efficacy. There is no science that is holding this decision back just personal ego and a vendetta against the 5million fringe minority who dared to say no.

Nothing lasts forever, so I am hopeful that all this external pressure will lead to a reversal. Once this happens there will be an exodus make no bones about it. I just talked to a colleague in another accounting practice who has been inundated with requests to set up their businesses outside Canada.