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The Road to Redemption and Digital Prisons

Although we have some of our freedoms back, the most important right besides the rights to free speech and bodily autonomy is our right to travel. New Zealand has finally come around to allowing travel without the vaccine requirement. This leaves Australia (cannot enter but can leave) the U.S (Cannot Enter unless U.S Citizen/can leave) and Canada (Cannot leave, but can return) as holdouts. I am encouraged that the PM keeps getting roasted by Europeans on his track record while trying to promote democracy. The man has no self-awareness or just doesn't care what others think of him let alone his own spouse who is MIA for the past 3-4 months.

Teresa Tam has basically given indications on recommending vaccines rather than requiring them despite overwhelming evidence of negative efficacy. There is no science that is holding this decision back just personal ego and a vendetta against the 5million fringe minority who dared to say no.

Nothing lasts forever, so I am hopeful that all this external pressure will lead to a reversal. Once this happens there will be an exodus make no bones about it. I just talked to a colleague in another accounting practice who has been inundated with requests to set up their businesses outside Canada.

We can take heart that we made the right choices and despite the struggle, we will be redeemed.


Digital Prisons are popping up everywhere now

The entire vaccine passport exercise was always used to install the digital infrastructure needed to control those registered as property of the state. It was never about health as we have seen countless high profile travelers test positive once they arrived at their destination. In fact some recordings even mention that it was a tactic to persuade vaccination rather than a prevention for infection or transmission. We have seen how they could digitally bar you from facilities and now the Ontario and Canadian Governments are racing to digitize access to all their programs. Here are a few personal examples:

  1. Ontario now requires its Corporations to file their annual returns separately from the Federal tax returns since May 2021. Ontario Corporations must register for a Digital One number to file and submit their returns.

  2. WSIB now requires companies file their annual reconciliations on-line rather than paper returns, and any refunds are not paid out but held in credit on your account?

  3. The CRA used to say that any calls you receive were not from the CRA, and that any correspondence would be done through letters. Fast forward to now, any communication or notice of assessment will be done electronically via the MYCRA account portal and by email as of 2023..You have no choice.

  4. Google Adwords, requires increased business verification and business model profile questions to be answered to prevent ads from companies which may not be in-line with the current narrative (I kid you not) this was copied from our account...We have stopped using Google effective today after I read this.

"Update to Sensitive Events Policy-Due to the war in Ukraine, we will pause ads containing content that exploits, dismisses, or condones the war"...

I'm not sure what we can do to avoid most of these things other than have options to live elsewhere, not use certain services, have liquid assets and be more self reliant and self aware of your digital footprint.

Almost 100 of us are part of this community now which is a good sign that people realize its not going back to normal anytime soon. As elections draw near, and pushback to these measures increase via protests and lawsuits, selfish Governments will act to preserve their hold on power. Just look at the corrupt deal Trudeau did with Singh.

We need to stick together and support each other as the battle is far from over.

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Unknown member
Mar 25, 2022

Well, they can do and push whatever narrative they want, I am still going to do whatever I want. One thing I am doing is getting google out of my phone, no more google services for me.

Nothing we see in the news and media is true, and the truth is being suppressed everywhere. I saw a piece of news last night on TV for example saying that Trudeau got an standing ovation for his speech at the European Union. We know that is not true, it was exactly the opposite.

As for Ukraine, there is a way to see what is happening there. They have traffic cams, just like here. I have been watching them since the "war" started…


Unknown member
Mar 24, 2022

Good post. I got that ukraine notice too in my Google Ads account.

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