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The Other Guys

We have been monitoring our largest competitor for a while now and give them a nod for being the first out of the gate. They raised awareness of this growing global community. They quickly filled a much-needed void in the market and received instant media coverage and notoriety world-wide. Their site grew to 20k+members with an App and a freemium business model followed by many start-ups. Unfortunately, such growth and speed soon led to problems. Their well-published security breach was splattered all over MSM as a warning. Then like a one-two punch, their App was de-listed from the App Store, soon followed by a decision to remove their App from the Playstore.

Was all this coordinated? We don't know. What we do know is that going into this game meant we had to get it right. We needed to keep our heads down, learn what worked and what didn't, spend within our means, make the most of what was available and above all else, be transparent. People can spot a scam or nefarious enterprise a mile away. We had initial members worried about being tracked by the government and making their membership public. We soon allayed these fears with individual Q &A chats that gave these members peace of mind. This is not to say we have not made mistakes, or that our site is perfect. We made public our frustration with the first dating app developer we hired and let our members know what was happening every step of the way. Our Irish based developers got us out of the mess and came to the rescue thankfully.

We consider safety, security and earning our member's trust paramount. Our belief is that a slow and steady approach will lead to a long-term Enterprise and truly Global Community.

Unfortunately, the Other Guys site has been down for the past few days (28/29th November, 2022) with this message on their page;


Not Found

The requested URL was not found on this server.

Apache Server at xxxxxxx Port 443


"We are experiencing a little problem after our last server migration. We have now detected the issue and we are working on it. We will be back very soon. "

Everyone remembers the story of the Tortoise and the Hare right?

Your Admins...

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