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No one's coming to help you.

I read a news story a while ago from Avi Yemini from Rebel News on twitter that resonated with me and is the focus of this entry. Avi was born in Israel and grew up in a large family. He served like all youth in the IDF (Israeli Defence Forces). With all this support both from his family and from his brothers and sisters in arms, he pointed out a very stark fact that holds true in many situations today..

When sh*t hits the fan, you're often alone and need to fend for yourself.

Those of you reading this and following us, or are members of our community, know this to be true. One of my early posts commented on a similar theme "Are you like most people", where mass compliance came from fundamentally lazy and ignorant populations around the world.

The current situation of relaxed measures and normality is setting the general population up once again for a new round of intrusions into your freedoms. The current travel chaos in Toronto, Canada and Dublin, Ireland are examples of how harsh mandates either directly effect movement through customs or have impaired staffing levels to deal with the return of travel by the general