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Lest We Forget-By member Kathleen Kelly

In Canada, we have a day to remember the veterans of war and to honour the sacrifices they made in order for us to enjoy freedom. Never have I understood so well what freedom actually means. Remember when you were able to voice your opinions, travel anywhere in the world, go to restaurants or movies, and take part fully in society? Freedom means not being worried that someone will come to your door in the middle of the night and drag you off to a camp because of a post you made on a social media platform.

In many countries over the past two years we have come to understand how fragile our freedom really is. So many of us learned firsthand how easy it is for the government to convince the public that you are a menace to society. Seeing average people gleefully police neighbours and co-workers by “turning in” unvaccinated family and friends shocked me. This is how I came to know what evil actually looks like: a former friend’s face twisted in anger as she discounts my objections or the self-righteous countenance of my co-worker as he forwards the government email to the boss, knowing it will get me fired.

Unethical Amnesia: The Truth Hurts