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Just in time to avoid Digital I.D's

Those that have been following our posts know that the Admin's have followed through on their plans to leave Canada. Their decision was not taken lightly as it meant uprooting an entire family and way of life from one country to another. They felt that Canada was no longer a Free Country and discrimination in Education, Healthcare and looming restrictions was no way to live or raise a family.

They carefully executed their plans and despite cancelled last minute flights in Toronto, managed to pack up and move their belongings and lives to Ireland.

Many other families have moved to Mexico, Uruguay, Honduras and out of Ontario.

Turns out we are just in time as yet another conspiracy theory has proven to be fact. Two days ago the Government of Canada launched its new Digital Ambition Program, see below.

It will morph into an all encompassing system where all information is "stored and controlled" for "your convenience". This was always the end game, and those who proceeded with vaccinations have jumped in head first...

We hope there will be enough pushback to oppose this, but in Canada the 20% of us who held our ground could not manage to stem the tide of endless mandates or suspensions of mandates.. Yes there are still sections of society that have not moved on from March 2020.

Please think about your future and your families future long and hard.

On a brighter note, we love Ireland and the Craic here.. Our first pub night will be this weekend.

If you fancy meeting up and want to socialize look up our Unvaccinated Galway group on the Meetup platform..

Stay awake.

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