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Back to life (Sort of)

Now that the site is capable of handling both the community/social aspect and dating, we can concentrate on planning and hosting events again. We are seeing some nice pick up out west in BC and some Traffic in Ireland and the UK. We can post locally sourced events on the site, just send the details to us via the group app or instant message feature.

We will primarily support those establishments who are like minded and bore the full brunt of demonization during this ongoing nightmare. We want to give a big shout out to Nique restaurant in Hamilton, whom we visited last week and plug them for being the lighthouse in the storm of bullshit that is Canada right now. We will not forget those who stood with us.

Nique Restaurant (see image above) was a leading advocate of Freedom and Non-Discrimination. Please support them as much as you can

Our latest venue is posted for paying members and as always we look forward to making connections and new friends while staying in touch with older ones.

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